This site is a work in progress, with sample content.

In 2006, in what they charitably call mid-life (what do you call it when you really have two-thirds behind you?), I decided to pursue librarianship, an eclectic profession that pulls together the threads of many different interests and attracts many different kinds of people. While getting my MLIS, I volunteered in a large metropolitan library, where I now work about half time. The process of pursuing one of those scarce full-time jobs means you need to be articulate about the principles, methods, and philosophy of working as a librarian. What is your library’s mission, what is your personal mission, and do they mesh? You only have one chance, in the essays, and in the interview, to tell your story. A blog and website gives you more time to weave your story. That is why I call this my learning ground.

I hope to gather the threads of my knowledge and experience into a rich, tapestried cloth that reflects the whole of me and let others learn about the profession. I hope others will contribute and make the tapestry richer.

In the future, I want to add some pages that are tributes to the legacy of my parents, visual artists and performing artists.

Thank you to Chuck Worth for use of his artwork.

Ace of Spades

Art available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/FineArtbyChuckWorth


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